Frequently Asked Questions

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Yoodalo is an online marketplace that matches and connects you with customers and vendors that meet your daily needs. As a vendor you can easily connect with customers and grow your business when you sign up and create a detailed profile about yourself, your products or services. As a customer, you can also find vendors and products without hassle.

It is quite simple! As a customer, easily find products or vendors from the search results list or category, then contact them to make enquiries. Carefully vet and assess each vendor to your satisfaction before engaging and proceeding with your transaction.

As a vendor or service provider, simply sign up and create a profile, providing as much information about yourself and your product or service. This increases your visibility and enables customers find you easily. Receive enquiries or direct requests from interested customers, evaluate them and feel free to respond or decline based on your personal preferences. If you are interested, find out more about the request, vet the customer and proceed to engage as desired. 

Remember to refer to our Safety Tips page for suggestions about staying safe when interacting with vendors and customers.

Complete your user profile
Customers are more likely to initiate contact with vendors who are transparent with accurate and updated details in their bio, nature of services, work history, experience and a photo gallery that showcases their work. Doing this helps boost visibility for your profile to potential customers and prompts them to discover you faster to request a quote, possibly leading to some conversion for you.

Respond quickly to enquiries
Customers like to hear from vendors as soon as they have found a potential match for their needs. Be sure to respond to their requests for quotes or messages as soon as you can. Remember there are other vendors who also meet the customer’s search criteria, so speed is a valuable asset for you.

Ratings and Reviews
Most people are drawn to profiles with high ratings and mostly positive reviews, as they are often a reflection of quality service and high customer satisfaction. Make an effort to leave a good impression on customers from when contact is initiated to when the task has been completed.  Reviews and ratings boost your profile score and significantly increase your chances of being contacted by more customers on the platform.

Yoodalo score
The Yoodalo score is a back-end ranking system done automatically by the Yoodalo algorithm. It calculates user variables such as how complete your profile is, number of jobs completed or times hired, last login time, ratings, reviews and other essential variables. The higher your score, the more visible your profile becomes to potential customers who are keen to engage vendors. With the Yoodalo score, your user profile is given top priority listing in customer search results, increasing your visibility compared to other vendors and service providers.

Boosted Profiles and Sponsored Ads
Discover and unlock more customer requests using our premium boosted profile and sponsored ad features. Get seen by customers much faster when you appear at the top of customer search results for a limited time.

When a customer reaches out to you through Yoodalo, they can either contact you directly or request a quote. You then have an opportunity to negotiate on pricing just as customers have the freedom to compare prices among vendors. Ultimately, all products and services exchanged via Yoodalo count towards your history and provide customers an opportunity to rate and review your profile.

Try to complete your first few tasks not necessarily focused on high pay but to build your portfolio and customer base. Aim to provide quality products and service to get good reviews which draw more attention to your profile and earn you more customer enquiries.

Ensure to address customers by their names when responding to a requests. Most people respond well to a personalized touch in communication.

Seek clarity about the task or product required when responding to a request so you understand the customer’s need much better. It shows you have taken time to carefully consider their request.

Terms of Service

These are the general Terms of Service. To read the entire terms of service, click the link bellow.

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