Yoodalo is the one-stop marketplace for your daily needs.

About Us:

Do you need a vendor for a particular task, or customers to patronize and grow your business? Yoodalo is your reliable service marketplace community of vendors and service professionals who provide value and help meet your daily needs.

Get connected today to vendors and customers fast and free. From Home and Domestic services to Beauty, Lifestyle, Cleaning, Repair, Information Technology, Media, Entertainment, Food and Catering services and so much more, you’ll find them all here.

Yoodalo is built by vendors, for all other vendors and service providers to call home, connect with customers instantly and grow.


To continuously deliver unique value a marketplace where members, customers and vendors can maximize their full potential through a culture of trust, community and collaboration.


Vision and Values


To be Africa’s leading people-focused B2C service, connecting vendors and customers through intelligent and innovative ways for efficient and effective exchange of value and impact on our immediate community.

Our Core Values

  1. Trust 
  2. Collaboration
  3. Innovation 
  4. Integrity
  5. Enterprise
  6. Empowerment
  7. Customer delight

Our Motivation

Finding quality professionals and service providers across Sub Saharan Africa can be a huge hassle sometimes. It has become necessary to build an ecosystem that makes connecting users and quality professionals much easier and less tedious. We are driven by a commitment to constantly ease the service discovery and delivery process and aim to provide you stress-free access to quality service professionals.

We exist to accelerate this process, by making transactions more trusted and predictable. Bringing together vendors and customers in intelligent and innovative ways, we seek to seamlessly gather, analyse, interpret and share information. These connections enable the efficient and effective exchange of value, empowering our numerous members to make the right business choices. Plenty decisions are taken each day based on our connections as we continue to shape our world and create a sustainable future for all.

Community Support

We are committed to making an impact within our community via social responsibility and by promoting a culture of trust and safety, duty of care and a sense of belonging among our members and the larger society. We also aim to be agents of change by supporting charities and advocacy groups that promote empowerment, self reliance and expression.

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